Indonesian National Army’s Force Day Celebrated on October 5

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Liputan6 En. Ver – The Indonesian National Army Forces Day (Hari Tentara Nasional Indonesia, abbreviated HUT TNI) is celebrated on October 5 every year to commemorate the founding of the Tentara Keamanan Rakyat (People’s Security Forces), the predecessor of the TNI, on the same day in 1945.

The TNI has played a vital role in maintaining the sovereignty and integrity of the Republic of Indonesia. It has also been the protector of the Indonesian people from various threats, both domestic and foreign.

The theme for the 78th HUT TNI in 2023 is “TNI Patriot NKRI: Pengawal Demokrasi untuk Indonesia Maju” (TNI Patriots of the Republic of Indonesia: Guardians of Democracy for Advanced Indonesia). This theme conveys the meaning that the TNI will always be solid, strong, and loyal in its dedication to the Republic of Indonesia. The TNI will also always guard democracy and oversee Indonesia’s development towards a more advanced nation.

To commemorate the HUT TNI, various activities are held throughout Indonesia, including military ceremonies, parades, and exhibitions of military equipment. In addition, various social and cultural activities are also held for the community.

May the TNI continue to be a strong and professional defense force. The TNI is also expected to continue to be the protector of the Indonesian people and guard the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia.

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