Malaysia Protests Haze, Indonesia Reminded to Address Forest Fires

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Malaysia Protests Haze

Liputan6 English Version – The Malaysian government has issued a letter of protest to the Indonesian government due to the haze that has enveloped their region. The haze originates from forest and land fires in the regions of Sumatra and Kalimantan.

In the protest letter, Malaysia requests Indonesia to take immediate action to address the forest and land fires that are the source of the haze. Malaysia also calls for increased bilateral cooperation with Indonesia in handling forest and land fires.

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Malaysia’s protest comes as air quality in Malaysia, especially in the northern regions, has been deteriorating over the past few days. The haze in Malaysia has led to various health problems, such as respiratory issues and eye diseases.

In response to Malaysia’s protest, the Indonesian government acknowledges that forest and land fires remain a serious problem that needs to be addressed. The Indonesian government states that they have taken various measures to combat forest and land fires, including increasing patrols and law enforcement.

Furthermore, the Indonesian government has issued warnings to Malaysian factories operating in Indonesia to follow the country’s legal procedures and take measures to prevent land burning.

Forest and Land Fires Remain a Serious Issue

Forest and land fires have been a serious issue in Indonesia for many years. These fires are caused by various factors, including human activities such as land clearing for plantations and agriculture, as well as natural factors such as prolonged dry seasons.

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Forest and land fires not only affect the environment but also have implications for public health. The haze resulting from forest and land fires can lead to various health problems, including respiratory issues and eye diseases.

Indonesian Government Urged to Enhance Efforts

The protest from Malaysia serves as a reminder for the Indonesian government to enhance its efforts in addressing forest and land fires. The Indonesian government needs to take more decisive steps to tackle this issue, including increasing patrols, law enforcement, and educating the public about the dangers of forest and land fires.

Additionally, the Indonesian government should work in collaboration with neighboring countries to address this issue. Cross-border cooperation is essential to prevent haze from forest and land fires in one country from spreading to neighboring countries.(MIS)

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