McDonald’s Indonesia lands aid in Palestine

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McDonal's Indonesia
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Liputan6 English Version – McDonald’s indonesia will be sending humanitarian aid to the victims of the conflict in Gaza, Palestine. This is a demonstration of the company’s commitment to humanitarian values.

Previously, McDonald’s indonesia faced calls for a boycott from various quarters due to alleged support for Israel. These boycott calls gained traction on social media, not only in Indonesia but also in other countries.

In response to this, McDonald’s indonesia has issued a statement. In their official statement, McDonald’s Indonesia expressed their concern over the escalation of the conflict in Gaza.

“This sorrow is felt by the entire Board of Directors and employees of PT Rekso Nasional Food. As the franchise holder and developer of the McDonald’s brand in indonesia, we have a strong commitment to humanitarian values,” the statement read on Sunday, November 5, 2023.

“We want to support efforts from various parties, including the indonesian government, and will provide humanitarian aid to the victims in Gaza, Palestine. We will channel this aid through social organizations that are responsive in assisting the victims,” it continued.

McDonald’s indonesia has not provided further information regarding the amount of humanitarian aid to be given. However, the company has assured that the aid will be distributed as soon as possible.

The provision of humanitarian aid by McDonald’s indonesia has been well-received by many. They view this as a corporate responsibility towards humanity.

“We appreciate McDonald’s indonesia for sending humanitarian aid to the victims in Gaza. This is a demonstration of the company’s responsibility to humanity,” said the Chair of the Daily Board of the Legal Aid Institute (LBH) Jakarta, Asfinawati.

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Asfinawati hopes that the humanitarian aid from McDonald’s indonesia can help alleviate the suffering of the victims of the conflict in Gaza.

The conflict between Israel and Palestine flared up again in early May 2023, resulting in the deaths and injuries of thousands of Palestinian civilians.(MIS)

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