President Indonesia Diplomacy: Strategic Talks Before Meeting Biden

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Liputan6 English Version – Indonesian President Joko Widodo is set to initiate a series of crucial meetings with leaders of member countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) as a prelude to his meeting with United States President Joe Biden. The meeting plan signifies Indonesia’s commitment to strengthening ties with OIC member countries before engaging with the US government.

In this series of meetings, Jokowi aims to deepen cooperation in economic, security, and global issues with OIC countries. In his brief address, Jokowi emphasized the importance of maintaining strong relations with OIC member countries as part of a broader foreign diplomacy strategy.

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The meeting is expected to address various crucial issues affecting the Islamic world, including humanitarian, economic, and security concerns. Indonesia also hopes to enhance its international standing through closer collaboration with OIC countries.

The significance of this dialogue becomes more apparent given the increasingly complex global challenges that require inter-country cooperation. In this context, Indonesia seeks to form strategic partnerships with OIC countries to address shared issues such as climate change, humanitarian crises, and post-pandemic economic recovery.

This plan is also aimed at building a strong foundation before Jokowi meets President Biden. By holding preliminary meetings with OIC countries, Indonesia strives to reinforce its position as a key player in regional and global diplomacy.

As the host of this meeting, Indonesia aims to create a platform for OIC countries to unite in facing common challenges. With a spirit of cooperation and mutual understanding, it is hoped that this meeting will open doors for closer collaboration in the future and advance shared agendas on the international stage.

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Emphasizing proactive diplomacy and regional relationship-building, Jokowi asserts Indonesia’s commitment to being a key player in addressing various global challenges and promoting peace and security on the international stage.(MIS)

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