Floating Solar Power Plant: Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates Triumph in the Energy Sector

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Floating Solar Power
Source: RuangEnergi.com

Liputan6 English Version – The Indonesian government, in collaboration with PLN (the national electricity company), and the United Arab Emirates government through the Ministry of Foreign Trade in partnership with Masdar, has successfully completed the construction of a Floating Solar Power Plant (FSPP) above Cirata Reservoir. The success of this project is not only evident in providing clean electricity to more than 50,000 households but also in creating thousands of job opportunities for the surrounding communities.

The collaboration between the Indonesian and UAE governments marks a significant step towards realizing global energy transition. Involving the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises, PLN, and Masdar, this international collaboration encompasses aspects of investment, technology, human resource competencies, and support for domestic products. This cross-country synergy has far-reaching positive impacts, not only in providing clean energy but also in advancing the domestic economy.

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The Indonesian government is committed to continually explore its abundant natural resources to support sustainable and environmentally friendly renewable energy sources. The construction of the FSPP at Cirata Reservoir is tangible evidence that Indonesia can harness its natural wealth to weave a greener future.

The Indonesian Minister of State-Owned Enterprises, in his statement, emphasized that this project is just the beginning of a long journey towards the Net Zero Emission vision by 2060. The government will continue to scrutinize and tap into its natural resource potential diligently, aligning with global commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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With the success of the FSPP at Cirata Reservoir, the government not only generates clean energy but also inspires other nations to adopt similar solutions. Indonesia serves as an example that with strong collaboration and a clear vision, energy transition can be achieved without compromising economic growth.

The construction of the FSPP at Cirata Reservoir is not just about technology and infrastructure; it’s also about empowering communities through job creation. The success of this project proves that investments in renewable energy can be a catalyst for sustainable economic growth.

As a first step, this project brings hope that Indonesia can become a regional leader in the adoption of renewable energy and serve as a model for other nations committed to achieving Net Zero Emission.(MIS)

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