Israel’s Internet Shocks the World, Savings to Almost Free

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Israel's Internet
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Liputan6 English Version – A recent report from Cable, a UK-based site comparing internet, television, and phone prices, has garnered global attention by ranking Israel as the country with the lowest average internet price per GB in the world.

In their report titled “World Wide Mobile Data Pricing,” Cable states that the cost of 1 GB of internet in Israel is equivalent to the price of 1 candy in Indonesia.

According to the report, the average price per GB of internet in Israel reaches US$0.02 (exchange rate: Rp15,699) or approximately Rp313. Moreover, with promotional offers, the internet price in Israel can even go as low as US$0.001, nearly approaching free.

Israel’s success in offering highly affordable internet prices is not just an accomplishment but also reflects the rapid development of telecommunication services in the country. Telecommunication services in Israel are recognized as among the most advanced in the Middle East.

Israel boasts a sophisticated telecommunication system, including coaxial cable, fiber optics, and micro-wave radio relays. The presence of these technologies provides a solid foundation for internet service providers in Israel to offer competitive prices, even on a global scale.

This situation not only benefits the people of Israel who can enjoy internet access at very affordable costs but also has a positive impact on economic development and innovation in the country.

In an era where digital connectivity is increasingly becoming a basic need, Israel’s achievement in providing the world’s lowest-priced internet serves as an inspiration for other countries to continue innovating in enhancing internet access for their citizens.

As a country positioning itself as a hub for technology and innovation, Israel has successfully demonstrated that high-quality internet services do not necessarily come with a high price tag. This success further emphasizes Israel’s crucial role in the global map of technology and telecommunications.(MIS)

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