Shai Golden’s Threat: Israeli Presenter’s Viral Video Shakes the World

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Shai Golden's
Source: ig/unikinfold

LIPUTAN6ENGLISH – Threats in a video from an Israeli presenter named Shai Golden have gone viral on social media, capturing global attention. In his controversial video, Golden is seen threatening the entire world, including the United States.

In the clip uploaded on a video-sharing platform, Shai Golden proclaims provocative statements that have surprised many. Golden not only issues threats but also expresses his controversial views on various global issues. The video has quickly spread across various social media platforms, triggering reactions from people worldwide.

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The threats articulated by Golden in this video have created waves of concern and debate. Despite the controversial content, many believe that the essence of the video should be carefully evaluated to understand the true intentions behind his words.

Golden’s statements have not only shocked the Israeli community but have also had a significant impact internationally. The reactions and responses from governments and international organizations worldwide are expected to be a major focus in addressing the threats presented in this video.

The source video uploaded by Shai Golden can be found at The video has become a topic of discussion among social media users, with many expressing their concerns and opinions regarding the controversial statements made by the Israeli presenter.

As the situation unfolds, the global public awaits further responses from authorities and government representatives to address and clarify the issues raised by Shai Golden in the video.(MIS)

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