Gaza Tragedy New, 19 Prisoners Killed, Including Tanzanian

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Gaza tragedy new

LIPUTAN6 EN – Latest reports of the Gaza tragedy new reveal the tragic story of 19 prisoners who were killed out of a total of 135 still being held. The Israeli Government Press Office said that one of the victims was from Tanzania, but unfortunately, his name was not disclosed.

In response to the situation, the Tanzanian government reported that two of its citizens, both agriculture students, were involved as part of around 240 people who were kidnapped and taken to Gaza on October 7. The death of one of the Tanzanian citizens was confirmed a month ago, giving the conflict a deeper tragic dimension.

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  • Operation to Recover Bodies

In the latest announcement, Israeli forces successfully recovered two bodies of hostages during a military operation in Gaza. The forces, through an official statement, identified the two victims as Edin Zakaria and soldier Ziv Dadon.

Previously, Israeli forces had confirmed that Ziv Dadon (36 years old), one of the prisoners, was killed in an attack launched by the Hamas movement against Israel. Edin Zakaria (28 years old), who was kidnapped during the Nova Music Festival that took place on the same day, added to the dramatization of the events, considering that more than 360 people were killed and around 40 others were taken hostage.

  • Families and Communities Devastated

The Hostage Families Forum announced that Edin Zakaria was “kidnapped while injured in the upper part of his body,” while his girlfriend was killed during the attack. This provides a dramatic picture of the personal impact of this conflict, with families and communities devastated by profound loss.

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Israeli forces said that during the body recovery operation, “two soldiers were killed in battle and other soldiers were injured.” This shows that efforts to recover the victims do not come without risk, and the conflict affects both sides.

  • Statement from the Palestinian Jihad Movement

Last Tuesday, a spokesman for Saraya Al-Quds, the military wing of the Palestinian Jihad Movement Abu Hamza, issued a statement that outlined two possibilities for the fate of prisoners and enemy soldiers. The statement implied that the choice is limited to the possibility of being killed by Zionist attacks or returning through indirect negotiations and conditional exchanges under the umbrella of a total ceasefire.

This situation shows the complexity of the conflict in the Middle East and underscores the urgency of finding a peaceful solution that respects human rights and avoids further suffering. In the face of this tragedy, the international community is reminded of the importance of joint efforts to achieve lasting peace in the region.

  • Efforts to Resolve the Conflict: Supporting Peace in the Middle East

The tragedy in Gaza has raised international concerns and worries about the escalation of the conflict in the Middle East. With 19 prisoners killed, including a Tanzanian, and dozens of others still being held, the need for a peaceful solution is becoming increasingly urgent.

The Israeli government, Hamas, and the groups involved in the conflict must strive to find a fair and sustainable solution. The international community, including the United Nations, is called upon to respond wisely to prevent more casualties and suffering among civilians.

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A key role must also be played by neighboring countries and regional partners. Careful diplomacy, open dialogue, and cross-border cooperation are key to building a solid foundation for peace. Empowering peace institutions and regional mediators can help bridge the gap between the parties involved in the conflict.

Remembering Edin Zakaria, the Tanzanian citizen who became a victim of this conflict, brings us to further thoughts about the need to involve civil society and humanitarian organizations in peace efforts. The protection of human rights and efforts to prevent similar tragedies in the future must be a top priority.

It is important to remember that every act of violence has a profound impact on the daily lives of people in the region. Therefore, the international community needs to work together to provide the necessary humanitarian assistance to the people affected by the conflict.

Although it is difficult, a long-term solution involves finding a political, economic, and social meeting point that can end the violence. Concrete steps to build trust between the parties in conflict and support the reconstruction of the conflict-affected areas need to be a priority.

It is important to emphasize that peace is not an easy task, and real efforts must be made by all parties involved. A sustainable solution requires a strong commitment to avoiding the cycle of continuous violence.

In the face of this situation, the international community cannot just be spectators. All parties, including major countries, humanitarian organizations, and civil society, must unite to support peace efforts that can bring long-term stability to the Middle East.

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