Record Profits in the Market: Exploring the Arms Business Behind the Gaza War 2023

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Record Profits

LIPUTAN6 EN – Israeli and American weapon companies have achieved record profits through the ongoing Gaza War since October 7, 2023. In the “Operation Al-Aqsa Storm,” the Palestinian territories have become a testing ground for the latest military products of both countries, despite the humanitarian tragedy unfolding on the ground that has garnered international attention.

Amidst the destruction, Israeli and U.S. defense companies quickly saw a surge in profits, turning the conflict situation into a lucrative business opportunity.

Profit Indicators for Weapon Companies: According to reports from Israel and the French website “Orient 21,” the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, which initially dropped by 9% at the beginning of the war, quickly rebounded thanks to the record profits of Israeli military companies.

The shares of American military companies listed on the exchange also soared, following the impact of the weaponry they produced. Some companies experiencing significant increases include “Third Eye,” “AeroDom Group,” suppliers of artillery ammunition, “RTX Corp,” “Northrop Grumman,” “General Dynamics,” and “Lockheed Martin.”

Significant investments were also made by companies like “BlackRock,” which invested over $13 billion in weapon companies and related entities producing internationally controversial weapons, including white phosphorus weapons used in Gaza and landmines.

According to Israel’s “Calcalist” newspaper, weapon companies producing assault rifles used by the Israeli Army in Gaza recorded their first record profits since 1948.

Jason Aiken, Vice President of “General Dynamics,” stated that market opportunities for weapons increased during conflicts, with artillery projectiles dominating weapon orders.

Israel’s Plans for Profiting and Featured Weapon Types: Since Israel’s war in Gaza in 2008, Tel Aviv has devised plans to turn Palestine into a testing ground for the latest military systems.

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The goal is to sell these products to other countries, creating new profitable market shares. According to “Drone Wars UK” reports, the Israeli Army used this conflict as an opportunity to test and promote their latest technology.

The main focus of testing products involved drones, such as “Eitan” or “Heron TP” carrying “Spike” missiles produced by the Israeli government company “IAI.” The use of such drones in previous military operations resulted in orders from various countries, including India, France, and Brazil.

In addition to drones, aircraft like “Hermes 450” and “Hermes 900” from “Elbit Systems” were also used in Gaza, causing the deaths of a significant number of Palestinian civilians. These aircraft then secured export contracts to more than 20 countries worldwide.

Recent Profit Statistics from Arms Sales: As the world’s largest exporter of military drones, Israel has recorded significant weapon export values. In 2022, weapon exports reached around $12.5 billion, a 50% increase compared to three years earlier.

In expenditure categories, 25% was allocated to attack or reconnaissance drones, while around 19% was for ammunition, rockets, and air defense systems.

The war in Ukraine provided an additional boost, with Europe becoming the main importer of Israeli weapons, contributing about 29% of the total volume of weapon exports.

Killing Palestinian Civilians as Free Marketing: Peter Alex, an American military expert, highlighted a recurring pattern in every Israel-Gaza conflict. According to him, new weapons and technologies are often tested in the battlefield and then sold to other countries, claiming that the products have proven effective in the field.

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Alex stated that the Gaza War becomes a free promotional platform for Israeli and American ammunition, while weapon companies capitalize on the experience of oppressing the Palestinian people to gain significant financial profits.

Israeli companies are able to showcase live recordings of attacks on civilians to customers worldwide without being hindered by international barriers. Thus, the conflict in Gaza not only becomes a source of international controversy and criticism but also an effective marketing tool for the Israeli and American weapons industry.

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