Indonesia Strengthens Energy Security by Increasing Gas Infrastructure

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Indonesia Strengthens Energy

BLIPUTAN6 EN – In an effort to strengthen Indonesia strengthens energy Security and support the energy transition towards environmentally friendly energy, PT PLN (Persero) through its Subholding PLN Energi Primer Indonesia (EPI) continues to increase gas infrastructure for fuel for power plants.

President Director of PLN EPI Iwan Agung Firstantara explained that PLN is committed to maintaining a reliable electricity supply to support national economic growth. One of the strategic steps is to strengthen the fuel supply chain for gas-fired power plants.

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“PLN continues to transform and strengthen its business lines across the board. Increasing gas infrastructure is considered to play an important role in providing reliable electricity to the community,” said Iwan in a written statement in Jakarta, Wednesday (2/28/2024).

Iwan continued that PLN Group has been strengthening the fuel supply chain for power plants in recent years. In addition to ensuring the availability of infrastructure, PLN EPI also continues to develop the integration of the digital supply chain system.

“The development of gas infrastructure and the integration of the digital supply chain system will increase the reliability and efficiency of the gas supply for power plants. This will also support the government’s efforts to achieve greenhouse gas emission targets,” said Iwan.

PLN’s Steps to Strengthen Gas Infrastructure:

  • Increasing Gas Infrastructure Capacity: PLN EPI is building new gas infrastructure, such as gas pipelines and LNG terminals, and increasing the capacity of existing gas infrastructure. This is done to ensure a sufficient gas supply for the needs of power plants.

  • Developing the Integration of the Digital Supply Chain System: PLN EPI is building a digital platform to integrate the entire gas supply chain. This platform will help PLN monitor and control the gas supply in real time, thereby increasing efficiency and reliability.

  • Collaboration with Other Parties: PLN EPI collaborates with various parties, such as gas companies, the government, and academics, to increase the gas supply and develop gas technology.

Benefits of Increasing Gas Infrastructure:

  • Increased Reliability of Electricity Supply: Increased gas infrastructure will ensure a sufficient gas supply for the needs of power plants, thereby increasing the reliability of the electricity supply.

  • Reduce Fuel Costs for Power Plants: Increasing the efficiency of the gas supply chain will help PLN reduce fuel costs for power plants.

  • Increased Efficiency and Reliability of the National Electricity System: Increasing gas infrastructure and integrating the digital supply chain system will increase the efficiency and reliability of the national electricity system.

  • Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions: The use of natural gas as fuel for power plants is more environmentally friendly than other fossil fuels, so it can help Indonesia achieve its greenhouse gas emission targets.

Example of Collaboration:

  • PT PLN Energi Gas with PT Adhi Guna Putera and PT Titan Transport Indonesia:¬†Signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) covering cooperation in the development of gas infrastructure business. This collaboration includes several important aspects, including the provision of gas infrastructure, preparation of an end-to-end supply chain starting from gas supply, infrastructure, filling ports, transportation, readiness of receiving and unloading facilities, and readiness of the plant to provide gas.

PLN’s efforts to increase gas infrastructure are a strategic step to strengthen Indonesia Strengthens Energy Security, support the energy transition, and increase the efficiency and reliability of the national electricity system. This also shows PLN’s commitment to providing environmentally friendly energy and supporting national economic growth.

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